Chomp, Chomp, Attack!

Album: Coming Soon! (2011)

Song: From Dreams To Reality

Bitrate: 256kbps

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In late March 2010. Long time bestfriends Mike Silentts, Gabe Gallows, Omer Valentine, and Dustin Heroin got together with the intentions to create a band of Emo, Post-Hardcore, Screamo and Pop-Rock, hoping to bring back a music style that many people have considered to be fading. The band name Chomp, Chomp, Attack! suggested by Mike's older brother and inspired by the friends long loved Nintendo game Mario Kart was quickly chosen due to the impressive reaction by friends and fans linking the emo music style to such a happy name, which is exactly everything that the band stands for. It wasn't long till Chomp, Chomp, Attack! took more serious measures when they received they're first show opening for the Black Veil Brides, Sacred Ceremony Tour. which then led on to open for Blood On The Dance Floor, Epic Tour (Part 2), Jeffree Star, The Fresh Meat Tour!, Dot Dot Curve, and Chase Coy. They are now focusing on the release of their EP. Chomp, Chomp Attack! has quickly risen through the local scene and is now spreading through the continent all with one dream in their hearts!

"Every time we step on stage, it's not the sounds of our instruments that drive our energy, it's each and every one of you guys, you're all the reasons why we play music, you're all what creates us, our fans will forever be in our hearts, never forget that!!"

We Are Chomp Chomp Attack!
And "Were Here At Last!"